TradeiCloud: a collaboration platform for supply
chain visibility and smart growth
Connected partners, connected business
Connectivity beyond the simple data pipes of EDI. A smart link that provides content and context. Buyers,sellers, agents, factories, financial institutions, service providers all can connect to the same secure,web-based system. Negotiate terms. Trade documents. Communicate in real-time. Domestic or international, providing goods or services directly or indirectly, members of Tradeicloud have a simple and effective way to share and maintain the documents governing their trade transactions.
Information transferred anytime, anywhere
No matter you are in office or are busy in the manufacturing fields, our multi customer ends coverage plus quick and flexible linkage enables our partners to access and transfer information freely without the boundaries of time and space.
Supply collaboration
Tradeicloud provides your enterprise with the software and services necessary to develop and manage a fully automated B2B-driven supply collaboration program. By leveraging Tradeicloud's cloud-based platform and integration infrastructure, your company is able to connect to suppliers across the globe.
enables collaboration, visibility & transaction automation between trading partners,increasing agility, reducing costs and minimizing risk.
Supply chain financing
enables buyers and their suppliers to free up working capital, reduce risk and increase order fulfillment capacity through order and invoice financing programs.
Supplier management
establishes visibility into outsourced production and improves factory compliance to increase supply certainty and enable advanced product flow directly from source to end-customer.
Tradeicloud's suite of logistics products makes it easy to track shipment statuses and material movements in real time—all the way from supplier factories to end destinations.Tradeicloud provides any-to-any B2B connectivity with your logistics providers,allowing you to harmonize data from various carriers and to monitor partner performance proactively.
Customized Applications
Enterprises can create personalized applications on demand,interact more freely.
An open platform
Based on fully open interfaces, the third-party software developers can provide diverse and personalized products and services for different corporate clients. Growing of the enterprise clients, will keep enhancing the value of the developer.